Why work with me?

Benefit from my personal infertility insights, learn how to reduce stress, restore balance and develop a toolkit of infertility coping strategies.

My first hand infertility experience combined with the use of Fertile Body Method techniques and self-help tools provide a unique skill set to help those struggling with the emotional hardships of infertility.  Everything ranging from communicating with partners, balancing work/treatments, navigating painful social settings and overcoming other emotional roadblocks.  I know there is a beginning, middle and end to your journey. Let me help you move through this challenging time.

Key Benefits

Benefit directly from my own experience and insights from infertility and IVF

Learn how to reduce stress and restore better balance in your life as you move through your journey to motherhood

Learn how to understand your emotions and manage them effectively

Learn essential skills to help you adapt, and make sense of your options so you can move forward with confidence and clarity


If you’re interested in learning more or to get started I encourage you to reach out by contacting me.