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When trying to conceive becomes challenging, taking care of your emotional wellbeing is vital.  My fertility and IVF coaching practice provides proven mind-body techniques and coping strategies.

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Bespoke. Accredited. First Hand Experience.

Customized fertility and IVF coaching packages and workshops, designed to help navigate the emotional tolls of infertility.

While there is an ample supply of medical experts who offer advice to the millions of women across the country who experience infertility each year, there are few who can truly relate to and address the mental and emotional crisis known all too well by women who have battled infertility.  When trying to conceive becomes a challenge it’s so important to begin to take care of your body and mind. We can easily get fixated on the physical/medical aspects that we neglect our mental and emotional wellbeing. Taking care of the ‘whole’ you is critical. Unfortunately it took me a long time to realize this during my own struggle with infertility, and this is why I created Lighthouse Fertility & IVF Coaching.

I’ve been there too. My own fertility challenges and lack of emotional coping tools is what inspired me to develop my fertility coaching practice. As an accredited Fertile Body Method Practitioner, my coaching uses mind-body techniques, self-help tool and coping strategies to navigate the physical, emotional and financial tolls of infertility and IVF treatments.

If you are feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed with trying to conceive then my bespoke fertility coaching could be for you. My bespoke coaching services are designed to supplement any of your medical fertility treatments. My goal is to help my clients move through this often difficult journey to motherhood in the most constructive and positive way possible.

My Experience & Credentials

Shannon Carr Head Coach

Surviving my own 5 year struggle with infertility including several IVF cycles and countless other treatments made me a bit of a self-studied expert.  After we were blessed with our twins in 2014, I became more involved in the fertility community as a way to help others going through this experience.  I established the Durham Region Support Group for Fertility Matters Canada, and then went on to study the Fertile Body Method training and became an accredited FBM practitioner.  Also, I spent 15 years as a Marketing Executive at a multi-national Financial Services Company where I coached and developed individuals to reach their professional goals.  This valuable leadership experience has been transferable as I now continue my passion for coaching with fertility clients.
I sit on the Fertility Matters Canada (FMC) Board Advisory Council.  FMC is Canada’s fertility resource and empowers Canadians to help reach their reproductive health goals by providing support and awareness.

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Certified/Accredited Fertile Body Method Practitioner

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Fertility Matters Canada Board of Director Advisor

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Fertility Matters Support Group Volunteer Facilitator